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Your Trusted Consulting Business Partner in Asia

Our mission is to Make Trade A Breeze for your business. We provide tailored business solutions for businesses growing their international trade in both Southeast Asia and Europe.


Who is JTM Asia?

We are more than just a team. We are your trusted business partner in navigating international trade. We understand that your project is unique, and that's where our commitment shines. Our mission is to Make Trading A Breeze for you. With our tailored business solutions and expertise, we are committed to smoothing your path to success to Southeast Asia. Your success is our success.

Explore Our Business Services

We understand the challenges you might face when it comes to expanding new markets, finding reliable suppliers, or navigating market visits. That's where our expertise becomes your greatest asset. We are your partners in turning challenges into opportunities for your success.

Market Entry Solutions

Explore new markets with confidence through our Market Entry service. We provide strategic guidance, market research, and assistance in finding distribution channels and buyers. Let us pave the way for your successful entry into Southeast Asian markets.

Product Sourcing

Simplify your importation process with our Sourcing service. We conduct in-depth market research, manage vendor relationships, and ensure quality, timely, and cost-effective sourcing. Trust us to make the sourcing journey a breeze for your business.

Market Visit Experience

Experience the Southeast Asian market firsthand with our Market Visit service. We represent your organization, conduct thorough market research, arrange meetings with local partners, and streamline logistics. Let us be your on-the-ground partners, ensuring a productive and hassle-free visit.

Trusted by many industries experts

Are you looking into expanding your business?

Explore business opportunities in Southeast Asia.

Export to Asia

We provide a suite of services designed to empower companies entering Southeast Asian markets. From market research to hands-on operational support, we guide you through every stage of your business journey.

Market Research and Consulting

You can rely on our skilled team for more than just information. We provide constant support throughout. Our experts blend research proficiency with industry insights, delivering nuanced analyses and actionable recommendations. Beyond an initial market analysis, delve into regulatory, financial, tax, and trade considerations to identify opportunities and manage risks effectively.

Partner Search and Verification

We will go the extra mile by compiling a list of potential partners. Trust is our foundation, ensuring you make informed and reliable connections. We will facilitate meetings with distributors, sellers, or industry groups. Also, actively assist in evaluating the credibility of potential partners and subcontractors.

Legal Assistance and Support

Feel assured as we guide you through the complexities of local regulations. Our team comprehends the details of regulations, taxes, and business procedures, serving as your pathway to success. You will get valuable insights into crucial laws, ensuring legal security through carefully crafted contracts. We are here with you, providing clear and secure solutions for every legal aspect.

Business and Trade Negotiations

You can count on our support during trade negotiations in Southeast Asia. Utilize our expertise in local cultures and business etiquette to showcase respect, enhancing your chances of successful, long-term cooperation.

Sales Support

Benefit from our hands-on assistance in organizing distribution channels and overseeing export processes. We actively engage with partners, ensuring the efficient realization of your export goals. Let us be your guidance, turning your export aspirations into one of our successful stories.

Import from Asia

Discover the efficiency of our import service, where our primary focus is to smoothen the processes of sourcing, manufacturing, and transportation of goods. We are committed to maintaining the right price, high quality, and lead time, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your goods produced in Asia.

Right Product, Right Location

To initiate a successful collaboration, it starts with understanding your requirements and expectations. Clearly defining your needs, the intended purpose of the product, and the desired quality is crucial. We match your product with the right supplier.

Product Costing

We communicate your product specifications to suppliers, compiling a list of offers so you can compare prices and terms. After receiving the complete quotes, we will highlight potential challenges, set acceptable thresholds for deviations, and propose local alternatives when needed.

Supplier Audit and On-Site Supervision

After accepting the offer, we will conduct a thorough audit of the factory or supplier, focusing on safety and production quality. Our actions align with your guidelines, ensuring the chosen supplier meets the required standards.

Product Sampling and Testing

Once the manufacturer or supplier is approved by you, we will obtain product samples for quality control according to your standards. Samples are sent to you in a controlled environment for thorough evaluation.

Production Oversight

Before production starts, we will go over the product review process with the supplier to highlight any improvements made during quality control. Regular local checks during production ensure that everything aligns with the plan.

Why choose JTM Asia?

With our passionate, energetic team of experts immersed in Asian industry and culture, we are your trusted partner to navigate the complex regulatory, logistic and relational facets of doing business in a dynamic region.

Expert Guidance

Our team brings years of hands-on experience in Southeast Asian markets and European business landscapes. We're here to guide you with insights that matter.

SME-Centric Solutions

Tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises, our services in sourcing, market entry, and market visits are designed to meet your unique needs.

Efficiency and Affordability

We believe in streamlined processes. Say goodbye to complexities and financial barriers – our solutions are efficient, cost-effective, and focused on quality.