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See Your Future Market with Your Own Eyes

In-person Market Exploration

Exploration business trip is a must-do to fully understand your potential markets. Our services are here to support you in arranging your next market exploration trip.

We will assist you in planning a whole market visit with a highest priority on providing you: meaningful meetings with prospective partners, sightings of relevant locations, and overview of the local insights. Everything delivered within a complex package for you to focus on assessing the potential of the market without unnecessary distractions.

Thanks to our services, you can engage in the heart of your target markets, foster meaningful connections, and build priceless insights. Our goal is to make each market visit purposeful and impactful.

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Personal market visits are an essential aspect of our consulting offers designed to simplify the process of entering new markets. At the early stages when exploring new markets, you are forced to visit and revisit future markets multiple times to gain a better understanding and assess risks.

We are aware that each minute of a business trip put in the wrong place is a waste and might create a negative impact on your strategic decision making. With that in mind, we created a Market Visit Exploration service to provide you with practical plans, on-ground support, and insights into when, where, and how to engage with local partners.

Uncover Key Market Insights

Our consultants actively engage with your target markets to identify opportunities and potential challenges. We will equip you with competitors’ analysis, distribution channels, local standards, and industry-specific business practices.

Meeting the Right Partners

Establish crucial connections with local stakeholders, potential partners, distributors, and clients. These relationships are key to your success in the new market, providing a solid foundation for your business to thrive. 

Understand Local Regulations

Navigate the regulatory landscape with ease. Our consultants help you understand local regulations, offering insights into laws, compliance requirements, and potential challenges, ensuring a smooth entry process. 

Tailored Recommendations for Success

Based on industry and your market visit, we will provide personalized recommendations for the future steps. These insights refine the market entry strategy, ensuring each step is purposeful and impactful. 
Trade Fair Services in Asia

We provide comprehensive consultations, support, and assistance for your company during trade fairs in Southeast Asia. Elevate your presence, maximize opportunities, and navigate the intricacies of the business landscape effortlessly with our expertise.

Learn more about our Trade Fair Service in SEA and how JTM Asia can empower your company's journey.

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At JTM Asia, we believe in simplifying the journey into new markets. Our market visit service combines practicality with strategic thinking, ensuring your business enters new territories with confidence. Let us guide you toward success!