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Expand Your Business in Southeast Asia 

Are you eager to see your products on shelves in thriving markets like Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, and the Philippines? If you are considering exporting to Asian markets, Southeast Asia is a goldmine of business development opportunities for European companies. Taking your business to these new horizons should be an exciting journey, free from unwanted surprises.

The reality is that challenges may arise, from navigating unclear legal frameworks and intricate registration processes to dealing with overwhelming bureaucracy and unresponsive local partners. We understand that it can be frustrating. Our team of expertise is here to guide you through these potential roadblocks, ensuring a smooth and successful entry into the market. Say goodbye to unnecessary issues and explore the numerous opportunities Southeast Asia has to offer.

JTM Asia – Your Reliable Local Partner in Asia

We understand that your core objective is to receive what you requested when you need it and at the right cost. We have been employing our 'Think Global, Act Local' philosophy to assist businesses like yours in exporting to Southeast Asian markets. Our goal is to enhance your profits on terms that suit your needs. With years of experience supporting businesses, we are here to guide you through the process of entering Asian markets by making it easier and smoother. Currently, we operate in five key countries: Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Our international team comes from all over the world and resides in Asian countries. This advantage allows us to gain an in-depth understanding of the local business landscape. Additionally, it enables us to build lasting relationships with business partners and work towards expanding our clients’ brands in Asia.

Export Opportunities to Southeast Asian Countries

Currently, we operate in five key countries: Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Opting to partner with us provides you with support grounded in our profound local knowledge and international experiences, ensuring your success in achieving exporting and market entry objectives from Southeast Asia.
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Learn More About Our Services

We provide a suite of services designed to empower companies entering Southeast Asian markets. From market research to hands-on operational support, we guide you through every stage of your business journey.
Market Consulting and Research
You can rely on our skilled team for more than just information. We provide constant support throughout. Our experts blend research proficiency with industry insights, delivering nuanced analyses and actionable recommendations. Beyond an initial market analysis, delve into regulatory, financial, tax, and trade considerations to identify opportunities and manage risks effectively.
Partner Search and Verification
We will go the extra mile by compiling a list of potential partners. Trust is our foundation, ensuring you make informed and reliable connections. We will facilitate meetings with distributors, sellers, or industry groups. Also, actively assist in evaluating the credibility of potential partners and subcontractors.
Legal Assistance and Support
Feel assured as we guide you through the complexities of local regulations. Our team comprehends the details of regulations, taxes, and business procedures, serving as your pathway to success. You will get valuable insights into crucial laws, ensuring legal security through carefully crafted contracts. We are here with you, providing clear and secure solutions for every legal aspect.
Business and Trade Negotiations
You can count on our support during trade negotiations in Southeast Asia. Utilize our expertise in local cultures and business etiquette to showcase respect, enhancing your chances of successful, long-term cooperation.
Sales Support
Benefit from our hands-on assistance in organizing distribution channels and overseeing export processes. We actively engage with partners, ensuring the efficient realization of your export goals. Let us be your guidance, turning your export aspirations into one of our successful stories.
Seize Opportunities in Asia with us!
Our actions are driven by the desire for accurate results, timely delivery, and cost-effectiveness.

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Our commitment goes beyond collaboration. We are dedicated to achieving your business goals in Asia. With our extensive experience and systematic approach, we transform challenges faced by our customers into opportunities for success.