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Import between Southeast Asia and Central & Eastern Europe

Your Bridge to Quality Imports

Facilitating international trade between Central and Eastern Europe to Southeast Asia

As a dedicated sourcing agent, we specialize in facilitating the acquisition and management of product imports between Central and Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. Our support encompasses guiding you through the entire process, from soliciting offers, evaluating suppliers, and negotiating cooperation terms to efficiently managing the supply chain. We excel in connecting you with reliable suppliers for raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished goods, ensuring that your specific requirements are met. Our commitment extends to optimizing your orders for the best terms, timely delivery, and maintaining the utmost standards in price and quality. 

JTM Asia – Your Trusted Partner for Asian Sourcing

We understand that your primary objective is to receive the products you need promptly and at a reasonable cost. At JTM Asia, our multicultural team is based in Southeast Asian countries and understands the local business culture, communicating fluently in the native languages. With this linguistic advantage, they establish consistent and direct communication with suppliers, ensuring adherence to all standards and production specifications. To proactively manage potential issues, we conduct quality checks during the production process, identifying and addressing any concerns early on to minimize costs associated with rectification after production.

Import Opportunities from Europe or Southeast Asia

Currently, we operate in five key countries: Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Opting to partner with us provides you with support grounded in our profound local knowledge and international experiences, ensuring your success in achieving sourcing and importing objectives from Southeast Asia.
Import Opportunities to Vietnam
Import Opportunities to Thailand
Import Opportunities to Cambodia
Import Opportunities to the Philippines
Import Opportunities to Indonesia

Learn More About Our Import Services

Discover the efficiency of our import service, where our primary focus is to smoothen the processes of sourcing, manufacturing, and transportation of goods. We are committed to maintaining the right price, high quality, and lead time, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your importation needs. 
Your Requirements, Our Understanding
To initiate a successful collaboration, it starts with understanding your requirements and expectations. Clearly defining your needs, the intended purpose of the product, and the desired quantity is crucial. By grasping your past challenges, we can tailor our approach to ensure an efficient process.
Quotation Process
We communicate your product specifications to suppliers, compiling a list of offers so you can compare prices and terms. After receiving the complete quotes, we will highlight potential challenges, set acceptable thresholds for deviations, and propose local alternatives when needed.
Supplier Audit and On-Site Supervision
After accepting the offer, we will conduct a thorough audit of the factory or supplier, focusing on safety and production quality. Our actions align with your guidelines, ensuring the chosen supplier meets the required standards.
Sample Shipment
Once the manufacturer or supplier is approved by you, we will obtain product samples for quality control according to your standards. Samples are sent to you in a controlled environment for thorough evaluation.
Production Oversight
Before production starts, we will go over the product review process with the supplier to highlight any improvements made during quality control. Regular local checks during production ensure that everything aligns with the plan.

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Our actions are driven by the desire for accurate results, timely delivery, and cost-effectiveness.

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